Kashaka UK StoreReviews from Kashaka sales:

“The Kashaka’s arrived today, they look great! Still can’t quite make them work, I’m looking forward to learning though :)”

“Many thanks for the Kashaka shakers, they are exactly what I was looking for. Great website and great products.”

“The cork kashaka are great. I use them all the time for practice.”

“Thank you for the kashaka’s. I have received them in good condition, they are nicely made.”

“These sound fantastic and are clearly a quality product. Thank you for the quick delivery!”

“I’m beginning the learning curve. Cork ones are perfect for that.”

“My name is Parviz.  I love Aslatua / Kashaka shaker instrument. I was looking for some quality ones for a long time. There are people selling it online, but when one asks them about the size, and quality as far as cracks and quality of gourds were concern, they have no Idea about it.  They even sell it and the Aslatuas get shipped from other places. This was different with place. I said, what I exactly want and Jon deliver it. I bought 5 pairs and all had the same great quality I was looking for.” Parviz Hatami.

“Hey KashakaUK, Thanks for your great service, just received my order and they look and sound very nice!! Thanks guys!” Pierre, Kendama Canada.

“Kashaka received and appear very attractive……………..nice and light and a bright shaker sound”.

“Pro kashaka – these are a bit smaller than I am used to playing but it doesn’t make a difference really,the shaking sound is really clear and quite loud and the balls themselves seem very durable,the strings are a good length and are fully adjustable too,I would recommend buying these to anyone.”

“Cork practice kashaka,I am still learning how to play kashaka and have broken a few sets by dropping them so I bought these cork kashaka to practice with.They are very light and easy to use and the also bounce rather than split when you drop them (dropped them already) I can see these will be good to learn with and no injuries caused when they go flying across the room 🙂 these are a must for beginners like myself.”

“Just received them, thank you. They’re really good… time to find some practice time…”

“Well. What a tricky and addictive little instrument. I see myself picking up some more.”

“It’s really great fun to practise with the Kashaka’s which I bought from you earlier this year.”

“One hour training got me able to catch the cork ball with both hands in the same time. I haven’t tried with the gourds yet and i’ll have to train on the shaking sound too.”

“Yesterday afternoon I got my Kashaka Pro! It’s great, I like it a lot, I’m looking at the weight and I like it a lot more than the kashakas that I have, I can do tricks I can not do with mine! I love the detail of the bag and the ropes are better.”

“I am enjoying playing with them Thanks”

“I’m really amazed with kashaka pro, at first I had to get used to it, the balls are smaller than the ones I use but here my surprise being a couple of hours playing, the balls cling perfectly to the hand, the sound clack every time was more intense in my head, I had a feeling of playing African kashaka, the weight of the balls is perfect. With African kashaka sometimes the difference in size and weight between them is a problem for me for depends on what tricks but with pro this does not happen and I have the feeling of being advancing much faster than with the African. I’m very happy!!!!”

“A few days ago I received kashaka pro, and waited a few days to be able to evaluate the product, I had to try it well since I am accustomed to playing African kashaka and bigger, at first it cost me a little getting used to it but in a few hours I already had it! ! I have been playing kashakas, african, plastic but with the pro me it has been a pleasant surprise, the plastic is hard and velvety, does not slip the grip is very good, the balance of weights is great. I perform tricks that with the Africans cost me since the weight and size are ideal. I recommend 100% your purchase you will not regret !!! I also made an order for kashaka cork, perfect for practice and do not disturb, I’m waiting for them to arrive !!!!

I also wanted to comment on the seller, and dealt with many, and bought many kashakas but most just want to sell, the deal with this seller is different, you notice he likes what he does and that is reflected in the deal, he solved all the doubts which I had with pleasure and thank you for a 10 !!!!!”

“I ordered a whole bunch of different Kashakas; cork, large gourd, Kashaka Pro and Kashaka Pro Large. Very satisfied with all of them.

– The cork provides an ability to practise, even when around people because of the non existing shake-sound and the soft ‘clack’.

– The Kashaka Pro / Pro Large provides a high pitched shake-sound and a nice thud when clacking together. Works well using as just an ordinary shaker. Also, i’ve lost count of how many times I’ve accidentally thrown them through the room/down on the ground, and not a single crack.

– The African Gourd Large Kashaka was a gift for a friend, but he is very satisfied with it. It has a deeper shake-sound and a nice deep clack when the hit each other. He also has quite large hands, so the size suits him perfectly.

– The African Gourd Medium has a nice deep shake-sound and a deeper clack than the Pro’s. More “warmth” while using this one that the Pro’s.   Only negative side with these is that they might crack. A bit of superglue will make them last for so much longer.

– All in all, very happy with my Kashakas. And can also ad, very, VERY good customer service. Easy to talk to and really want to make their customer happy.”

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