Bundle: Kashaka Pro + Large Set

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Kashaka Pro set includes:

1 x Kashaka Pro standard size 4.5cm

1 x Large Kashaka Pro 5cm.

2 x Kashaka bags. (Bags are included with Kashaka Pro & Large Kashaka Pro).


Kashaka Pro – Large 5cm Asalato shaker. Very strong quality kashaka asalato
Kashaka Pro


Kashaka Pro set includes:

1 x Kashaka Pro standard size 4.5cm

1 x Large Kashaka Pro 5cm.

2 x Kashaka bags.

The Kashaka Pro & Large Kashaka Pro are an excellent new plastic Kashaka model made with the level of quality & durability that would be expected of a professional percussion instrument, while also being affordable for the casual player and for beginners.

The completely spherical high density plastic balls, all with equal sizes, shapes and equally balanced filling helps with the ability to control and to play more advanced kashaka skills. This balance of size, shape and weight also helps with very consistent playing, timing & dynamics – very smooth shaker sounds & clear balanced clicks. The balls have a ‘silk’ surface finish so they glide smoothly through the hands.

Strength: ‘Made to be Played’ – Kashaka Pro are very strong and will not break during use or if you drop them while playing, nor will they get crushed in your pocket or bag etc.

Sound: Very good balance between click & shake sounds. Each ball is filled with 150 tiny metal split beads, like tiny bells, giving a bright, resonant and very smooth shake sound. The small metal beads give very good action & control when played as regular shakers, while also having great balance & momentum when played with kashaka techniques.

Feel: Very smooth, while not too slippery (silk finish, not gloss). The slight texture on the surface is very fine, like the texture of fingerprints, giving a good ‘grip to slip’ ratio, allowing for very good handling and control for playing advanced skills and moves.

Both models are supplied complete with natural cotton Kashaka pouch with kashaka logo.


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