Kashaka ‘B’-Stock Clearance


Kashaka Pro – B Stock

These are Kashaka Pro that have some small cosmetic imperfections which in no way affect their sound, strength or playability. How noticeable the marks are does vary. All Kashaka Pro B Stock are in full working order & are excellent value if you don’t mind cosmetic marks etc.

25% discount off regular Kashaka Pro prices – Limited Stock.

The imperfections could include:

  • Marks, scratches or discolouration on the balls.
  • Slight roughness on the seam of the ball. (This can be smoothed down with a sharp knife).
  • Dried glue residue on the balls.
  • Slight scuffing on the rope.
  • Marks , misprints or discolouration on the bag.
  • Gourd ‘B’ Stock Kashaka can have small cracks on the gourds. They can be glued, which can sometimes last a long time, but there is no guarantee that they will not break more when used.

All B Stock will be checked as OK & playable before shipping. Sorry – we cannot accept any returns with any ‘B’ Stock Kashaka.


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Kashaka Pro have been developed to create a Kashaka with the level of quality & durability that would be expected of a professional percussion instrument, while also being affordable for the casual player and for beginners. They are also strong enough to be used in educational settings, workshops, classrooms etc.



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