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Kashaka shakers originate from West Africa and are also known by many other names – Asalatua, Aslatua, Asalato, Cas Cas, Kass Kass, Kes Kes, Kosika, Patica, Thelevi & many more.

Kashaka UK have developed Kashaka Pro – a very strong high quality Kashaka suitable for professional use & use in education, workshops etc.

They are a simple instrument – 2 small gourds or balls, filled with seeds or beads & joined with rope – but are capable of creating highly complex rhythmic patterns and polyrhythms. They are great ‘tool’ for any musician to develop and improve dexterity & rhythmic capabilities and can be used as a warm up before practice and performances. They are also a lot of fun to play and although some of the more advanced moves are quite tricky, they can be used and enjoyed by anyone from primary age to adults.

Playing Kashaka can help to:

  • Improve rhythm & timing.
  • Improve focus & concentration.
  • Develop supple and flexible arms & wrists – beneficial for all musicians.
  • Develop coordination & independence of right/left hands.

For teachers, they are an excellent way to teach & demonstrate polyrhythm and are a great fun way to get students playing simple polyrhythms.

They are very small and portable – percussion in your pocket! You can take & play them everywhere!

Kashaka.uk offers tuition & workshops in UK for schools, colleges, universities, festivals, Arts Centres & cultural events.
These can be standalone workshops, or can be part of a World Rhythm workshop which can include North & South Indian vocal percussion, Indian tabla, Arabic drumming & West African rhythm. These workshops are run by professional percussionist Jon Sterckx who has over 30 years of experience of playing world percussion. Jon has been delivering workshops to schools, colleges & universities since 2000 as well as at festivals such as WOMAD, Musicport, Drum Camp, Tribe of Doris, Llangollen International Eisteddfod, Fusion Asia & Larmertree Festival amongst others.

For more information about Jon, and to find out about other workshops, performances etc, please visit his website: www.jonsterckx.co.uk

Contact for details.

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